Soudamini Venkatesh

Musician, Composer, Singer, Songwriter

Soudamini Venkatesh is an extremely talented and creative musician, composer, singer, songwriter. Driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. She is recognized for her technical skills and in depth understanding of Classical Hindustani music and unique elegant style. Soudamini has developed an innovative style that interweaves various Gharanas (schools of music) without loosing the innate qualities and characteristics of any one of the Gharanas. She enchants the audience with her sonorous mellifluous voice singing pure classical pieces, tumris, folk songs, abhangs and bhajans. Her large repertoire of compositions combined with her deep knowledge of music and her inexhaustible energy works magic on every audience. Soudamini has performed on prestigious platforms across India, USA, Canada & England. She is an All India Radio artist and has released numerous cassettes and cd's.